Paranormal Pimps Demo

by Weed Nap

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released June 24, 2012



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Weed Nap Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: WEED NAP - The Anarchist Tension
andy fell asleep, ass up on the toilet seat
hes the one man wrecking ball
take the amtrack to the chest
feltons drunk as fuck, hes got bad luck
i want cocaine
you need rogain
when the bull dog starts to cry
somebody gonna die

nah nah blah blah

Track Name: WEED NAP - Broken Clocks
i dont need alarm clocks
i get up when the fuck i want x2

weed nap got more bounce than the ounce
weed nap got more money than yall can count

when it comes to makin bread i got the keys to the bakery
when it comes to dodgin feds, were gonna get the fuck out
when the jim beam boys, get to doin that shit
you punk motha fuckas, cant fuck wit it